Who I am currently

I could give myself many labels, or titles of who I feel I am and what I resonate with. I am everything, for I am Love. I am nothing, for I am the formless. I am the breath experiencing itself through life. I am a child of the stars come to love and serve all life. I know who I am, and I am so grateful. Come with me, and dive deep into the rabbit hole. Let us explore together how far it goes. For life for me is magic, beauty, wonder and joy. Of course I experience hardships and pain, most of it self inflicted. But I know I am the only one who can truly heal myself, so I am taking all matters into my own hands and becoming responsible for myself in all ways. Life for me has been and continues to be a journey that reflects back to me what my soul already knows. And with each new moment I remember and embody more of who I truly am as a child of the God/Goddess I Am Presence.


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