Musings of the Full Moon Eclipse 2/9/17

It’s times like these that I feel amazed and astounded
That I am here existing with everyone else in this existence
We are all here, Ones of the One
Existing together
Through these eyes I am here
A part of it all

I am not who anyone says I am
I am not who others expect me to be
I am not the person others perceive me to be
I am not what others believe themselves to be
I am not the projection of others
I am just me
Only I know what and who that is
What a beautiful gift to be me
As a human being
Only I and Source know the truth of me

I am a child of the Light, and I belong to the Light
In presence I sit with my fears and sorrow
I let go of all that is not Light
It is not my burden to hold
I am as free as I allow myself to be
All I need
Is the Love of Self and Source
To set my life ablaze
And resonate in Love’s frequencies

Home is deep inside
And when I stop trying to hide
From myself and escape reality
That’s when my true nature makes itself known to me
It is in this space that love embraces me
But only when I embrace myself
Can I truly come home to Love in all its glory

Peace becomes me
When I let go of attachments, expectations and needs
When I can be with myself in this moment
Without needing anything externally
Self-existing in my Soul’s essence
Deeper and deeper into my own Presence
Celebrating the homecoming as God’s Divinity

The Angels remind me
It’s all up to you what you do
This is your life you are living
You have the Power
Over what you feel
What you experience
Your dreams coming true
Heaven is always here to help
But it’s all up to you
Don’t stop!
Keep going and powering through
Keep your faith alive
Cry it out
Ride the waves
Forgive in gratitude

Believe in the Power of YOU



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