12-12 Gateway and Full Moon in Gemini or sidereal Taurus

Happy Super Moon in Gemini and sidereal Taurus! In western astrology the moon is in Gemini, but in sidereal astrology (which is actually more accurate as it takes into account the axis of the earth and position of the stars) the moon is actually in Taurus. For myself I personally feel the influence of the moon in both signs.

This is the last full moon of the year, and it followed the powerful 12-12 gateway. I feel how with this gateway and full moon we are being very supported at this time to go deep within and let go of deeper layers of the conditioned false self. That is, letting go of the parts of us that are not the pure core truth of who we are. This is an invitation to meet the sacred fire of our Souls, and more firmly ground into that space of knowing we are our own Source of Love, and that this Source is Infinite. When we truly allow ourselves to come into alignment with this sacred fire within, the pure core of who we truly are, we begin to overflow with love. We stop looking for external things to fulfill us in some way, whether it be substances like food, drugs, weed, alcohol, cigarettes, distractions such as TV and social media entertainment, or other people in our lives, especially significant others.

Gemini is all about that merging and union within, which can be felt in grand ways for those on the ascension path or spiritual path. All parts of ourselves are coming home to our core, but this cannot truly happen until we are ready to feel and align ourselves with our core, and then face all these parts of ourselves that feel separated from our core self in some way and embrace them in the love of our sacred fire.

Taurus is all about getting grounded, earthy and sensual and being attuned to the pure magic of life. Taurus aids us in becoming more stable so we are better able to stay in our core self throughout the different experiences we have in our daily lives and the different people we are around. Taurus with Gemini invite us to immerse ourselves in the pleasures of life and the body but from a place of wholeness within where we are enjoying all the sensual pleasures of the senses but not becoming attached to them. Connect with the earth, with the elements. Listen to the songs of the snow, the animals, the wind, the trees and the elemental spirits. Feel your connection to the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and Stars and all that is. Life is meant to be enjoyed. We are meant to have fun, be in joy, and create. We are not meant to live complicated, busy, stressful, mundane lives. Slow down and deeply reflect. What more do you want to bring into your life? What do you want to let go of? You can have all the desires of your heart and are powerful enough to manifest it, as the desires of the heart and soul are what are most supported by the Universe.

On a galactic level, as we attune and refine ourselves further to our core Truth, we are also opening up larger channels and gateways to activate the remembrance of our galactic heritage, and connect to the larger galactic community. First though, communities are being established here on earth with each other before we tangibly connect with our Galactic family in the physical. As one of my good friends put it: the tribes are gathering. Community is becoming increasingly important. When we come together magic happens, and we tap into a greater potential to create our wildest dreams.


Basically, goodness beyond imagining is being birthed on this planet. But it is no easy task bringing Heaven to Earth, nor is it all rainbows and sunshine. We must face our darkness and pain and make peace with it. This takes deep devotion to the Higher Light of Love, commitment to our refinement and growth, as well as perseverance to make it through various challenges. We got this yo! Believe, receive, and flow ❤



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