The process of morphing from a caterpillar into a butterfly is not easy
It can be quite painful
Terrifying even at times
Facing the darkness, delving into it
Understanding it
Understanding thyself
Why do I react the way I do?
Why do I repeat patterns I know are holding me back?
Why do I feel stagnant, and in that stagnation partially lost
What must I change exactly, what’s at the root?
I must clear, and reflect honestly
Be observant of the patterns my thoughts make
And trace them back to their origin
There have been times when I have felt so inferior, so small and lame and stupid my words are jumbled, I can’t speak without stumbling over them
So many a time I have kept quiet, too self conscious to speak at all
I think part of the problem is I overthink things
Make them bigger than they really are
The more I focus on my insecurities the larger they become, because I am feeding them
Which brings me back to the breath
Always to the breath.
In the breath Spirit is known
In the breath infinity can be remembered and returned to
With the breath, peace enters the body and the being
I have died thousands of times in this life
And will die many times more
I have hid from the reigns of my life
Afraid to cross into unknown lands
Afraid to brave beyond my comfort zone
Afraid to take action, and go
Afraid to accept more responsibility
Of living my own life
But now I find myself reaching a point
Where I must go out, I must take the reigns
I must be courageous, and be willing to adapt and change
I am very sensitive, and in that sensitivity there is a great stubbornness
A stubbornness to not accept a life anything less than my hearts wildest dreams and my souls deepest desires and passions
I understand now to get there
Sacrifices must be made
For me to truly step into my power


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