Hello world!

Dear reader, I have a lot to say and a lot to share. I am a natural artist and writer, and a passionate lover of life. I wish to share my world with your world, and build a bridge between the two. Because I love you, I care for you, and I want to see you flourish. Here is my first post, and what came out that wanted to be shared. Its deep, real deep. Everything I share will be deep, and I hope it will allow you to reflect on yourself and life in general in new, amazing, and magical ways. I’m glad I’m finally doing this, for you and for me.

I want to write, but I don’t feeling like writing right now. I want to paint, but I don’t feel like painting right now. I want to make music, but I don’t feel like doing it right now. Why? Do I require more depth of feeling and passion to create? Or perhaps it is only a matter of actually doing it and getting the ball rolling. Seems it is that way with everything in life. You don’t know until you try. You may not feel inspired until you take action and do what it is that you know you desire to do. Take the pencil and draw. Go to the computer or laptop and write. Go to the piano and just play something. Anything. Get the energy moving, flowing. To reach those depths, you wont find it by walking along the shore but never jumping in the ocean, you must take action first, dive into the waters , and trust that the rest will come.

What do I want to write about? What are my passions/ interests? What are my values? What do I like?

Imagination. Imagination through song, through stories, through artful means. Infinite possibilities is my divine birthright. The only limits I must overcome are the ones I have come to accept and believe. But if I step in the ocean, and dive deep, I will find an infinitely deep world of endless magic and wonder to explore. Its all in my hands, its all in your hands. What do you want to create?

To be able to act, and to keep the passionate juices flowing, I must connect to something deep within myself. A part that most have lost in this world, but it is a self that is found within every self. The core of who I Am. Though all selves are unique, they are also all the same. Born from the same Source. What is Source? You will only know when you are ready to remember the deepest, highest, and most primal part of your being. I allow myself to be loved, and nurtured, by the Divine Mother and Father of us all. The most profound union. It is a feeling of absolute support, of surrender and trust, which brings the purest and most beautiful states of peace and joy. My soul, and every soul, desires this most sacred union with the primal creation Self. Nothing else will suffice.

I need depth, such depth to truly create in the way my soul desires. So I will honor myself and surrender to these hands that want to type, want to paint and make art, that want to physically create and express the almost chaotic symphony of emotions and cosmic spiritual understandings I hold inside.

Every day, I will take steps. Every day, I will grow. Everyday, I will be. Everyday, I will be. I will love myself. I will honor and respect all of who I am. Because I deserve this honor, love and respect and I am at the point where I demand it of myself in the most loving way. For a long time it felt like I lost my voice. But as I write I find it was there all along, waiting for me to embrace it.

We are all infinitely powerful, but we will not know this power until we connect with and remember who we truly are, beyond what our minds and what our egos want or wish us to be.


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